Monday, August 31, 2009

Have you ever put something you don't want to lose in a special place so that you don't lose it, and then, can't remember where that 'special place' is? Well, I have. I should know better by now. It happens to me a lot, even when I tell myself  'don't just set this down anywhere, PUT it somewhere, so you'll know where it is'.  This little painting was done with my mom in mind.  She loves roses.  I wasn't sure if I could paint a rose. I've heard they're difficult, so I wanted to start small.  I really like the way it turned out. I liked it enough to take this picture of it on my phone, to show my husband.  I liked it enough to find a small box, add tissue paper, and prepare to send it for my mom's birthday.  I then thought 'better put this somewhere so it doesn't get thrown out, or lost...' . That was back in January.  I know exactly what the box looks like.  I can see the exact color of the tissue paper.  I could probably give you the exact dimensions of the box I was going to ship it in.  But I don't know where it is. I dream about finding it. I wander around the house, and wonder if someone threw it away, thinking it was just an empty box.... It will probably turn up one day when my kids have to go through all my stuff because they have to put me in a 'special place'.... so I don't get lost, of course.

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